Pave&Go technology by Emilceramica is a system of “click-tiles”; e.g. tiles which could be easily laid, as comparable to laminate floor. This enables us to significantly reduce the time needed to laying floor and thus leads to a shortened “construction zone” at your home or at your business premises. Therefore, “business as usual” can continue earlier as expected!

Pave & Go product video

With regards to durability and mechanical resilience, the tiles can keep up to the same sign of quality as standard tiles. One further advantage of the patented system is that tiles can easily be replaced within several minutes, only by lifting-up one single tile out of the whole compound.

For your home or your business: with Pave&Go you can find a great assortment of tiles for every kind of interior and exterior usage! Please contact us and together we could find a solution custom-made for your project!